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Website Acceptable Use Policy

Based on the professional content of this course, along with the lesson plans, objectives and test questions included, agencies can provide POST and/or department approved valuable continuing education credits with this program.

In the Line of Duty is produced exclusively as an interactive sharing resource for the law enforcement community.
No commercial use or access to the public at large is permitted without the authorization of L.O.D., Inc.
The programs in this online system contain actual video of real police incidents with no reenactments or simulations.
These programs are protected by copyright.
Reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited without authorization from L.O.D., Inc.
Unauthorized use or reproduction will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

This program is for informational purposes only.

In the Line of Duty makes no representation regarding the effectiveness or appropriateness of any action or technique depicted herein. It is not intended to give legal advice, replace or supersede existing training policies or guidelines of individual law enforcement agencies, or suggest that procedures depicted herin comply with the law in any specific location, including locations depicted in the videos.

Trainers should consult with counsel in their own jurisdiction with respect to the legal propriety or consequence of any suggested procedure or act.

By using this website you agree to the terms above

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